Even Thomas Had Faith

The story is told of a village that was experiencing a season of famine. After a while, the villagers decided to gather together and pray for rain. The prayer was scheduled for a particular day and the venue was fixed. On the appointed day, only a young boy was seen with an umbrella. He had faith that their prayer for rain would be answered and that it would rain before he got home, so he decided to go with an umbrella to prevent getting wet. Great faith!

Another story is told of a young boy who, after hearing a sermon in church on faith, decided to exercise his faith. As his father drove home after the service, he saw a hill by the side of the road and decreed that the mountain be removed, just as he had heard in the sermon. The next time they drove past the road, the government had ordered that the location be cleared in preparation for some construction projects. The hill was bulldozed off. The boy’s faith worked! That is another great faith at work.

I heard of another man who heard a similar message on faith. He got home and straight to his backyard he went declaring ‘authoritatively‘ that the hill be removed. He closed the door and went to bed. The next morning, he opened the door leading to the backyard and behold, the hill was standing firm. Without showing any surprise, he said “I knew you wouldn’t go.” He hissed, shut the door and went back inside. You are likely to call this man aDoubting Thomas.

Who was this Thomas?

We are told in the scriptures of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. After His resurrection, He paid an unannounced visit to His disciples where they gathered, to see how they were doing and to give prove of His resurrection. But, Thomas was absent. The details of his absence are not our focus here, but we do know that he returned after Christ was gone. When he came, out of excitement, the disciples announced to him, “We have seen the Lord!” Which Lord? He wondered. Could it be Christ who was crucified and buried few days ago? He was sure that Christ died and, as much as he knew, there was no plot to steal away his body. He could trace the tomb where the Master was laid, and he wouldn’t attempt an entrance without a guide to roll away the stone. Which Lord then did they see? Who saw Him? Where? How? It couldn’t be! How did he get out of the tomb? Who helped Him?

Question upon question must have raced through his mind. He couldn’t believe his ears. Or, was this a joke? The disciples of Christ could not engage in such a costly joke. Christ didn’t teach them so. Moreover, it could cost them their lives if they dare announce that the enemy of the Sanhedrin whom they thought they had killed was alive. Then it began to dawn on him they must have seen the Lord indeed. But, how could he just believe that they saw someone he was sure died. On only one condition, he murmured, “Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.” John 20:25.

At this juncture, may I ask you a question: if you were Thomas, would you have believed without evidence? Remember, it was not Christ that appeared to Thomas to say, “Thomas, I am risen from the dead.” He was told by the disciples– his fellow disciples. Do you remember Jesus walking on the sea? He was right in front of them and Peter still said, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” I say, Peter believed because he saw. Thomas wanted to see too. I am not here primarily to defend Thomas’ action but to prove to you that there is a seed of  faith in every man. Even Thomas had faith!

The only thing almost everybody knows about Thomas is that he was a doubter. They have given him a name he doesn’t answer: Doubting Thomas,forgetting his real names: Didymos Judas Thomas. Almost everyone can tell you that Thomas was a real doubter. Even someone who has never read the Bible can nickname another person a Doubting Thomas.

I’ll tell you something you probably have never heard about Thomas. Bible historians tell us that Thomas traveled to India in the year 52 AD to spread the gospel of Christ. We are told that during the cause of his missionary work, he encountered a group of Brahmans in India in the middle of a sacrifice. He watched them as they threw water into the air as part of their ritual, but then, he noticed that the water fell back to the earth. In a curious, and perhaps mocking tone, he asked them why the water fell back to the earth if it was pleasing and acceptable to the deity they were worshiping. He told them that his God would accept the offering if he offered it to Him.

That is a great challenge, you know. The law of gravity will enforce that every object that ascends also descends. What would he do now? Throwing water up is not the only issue now. What if he throws it up and it falls back to the ground? His gospel would not only be rejected but he could be killed for blaspheming their deity. But Thomas had faith!


As a man of faith would do, he rose up to the challenge and flung a great spray of water into the air. I’m sure you want to know what happened. It didn’t fall back, rather, the droplets hung in the sky in the form of ‘glistening white blossoms.’ Guess what, most of the onlookers got converted on the spot while others fled. Who could have done that without faith? If you knew nothing about Thomas except this, you would call him a man of great faith.

Listen to me, friend, don’t be deceived that God is not answering your prayers because your faith is small. It may be any other reason, but not because your faith is small. God honours little faith. Some have been made to believe that they are poor because they have small faith; they are sick because their faith is small and God’s promises are not been fulfilled in their lives because they are as faithless as ‘Doubting Thomas’.

What God requires from us is faith– faith that may be as small a grain of mustard seed. Do you know mustard seeds? They are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. The seeds are usually about 1 or 2 mm in diameter. Even if your faith is just about 2mm in diameter, it can move the biggest mountain. That’s what Jesus said! You may have small faith, but let it be without the smallest doubt. Even a great faith mixed with a little doubt will not blow air. But faith, pure faith that is as small as mustard seed, can move mountains.

Is there anything you are looking up to God for? Have faith in God!

You can grow in faith. At a time, the disciples of Christ cried out, “Lord, increase our faith.” God wants to develop a great relationship with you based on your small faith. ‘Faith calls those things which be not as though they were.’ Pure faith is free from doubt. Have faith in God.

If even Thomas had faith, there is faith on the inside of you!

John Kehinde Ogunjimi





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