The Bachelor and His Identity (Introduction)


The Christian Bachelor

Many months ago, I was hanging out with a group of friends. We were to spend the evening together and meet to keep a vigil afterwards. We had a swell time that evening and met in the church, preparing for the vigil. While the evening swiftly passed, my phone rang. For me, it was a good way to continue the evening fun. It was one of my ‘aunties-in-the-Lord‘. Well, we talked and talked for minutes, enjoying ourselves.

Eventually, she asked me if I had had supper. I answered in the affirmative expecting her to probe further. Since I wasn’t staying over at my mom’s, she wanted to know what I actually ate. My reply: “Don’t worry, I’ve done it the bachelor way.” The rest is history.

‘The Bachelor Way’
After the conversation, I set myself thinking about who a bachelor really is. Many people have come to associate the name bachelor with snacking around, disorganized room, unplanned life and stuffs. The truth is, in some cases, this is true– some few cases.

The word ‘bachelor‘ is pregnant with meanings. Basically, it refers to an unmarried man, and more specifically, one who has never married. If you carry out a survey on the way many people use the word ‘bachelor’, you will discover that it is more associated with a way of life than a marital status.

From my perspective, bachelordom is more of a process than a state, without distorting the fact that the word ‘bachelor’ primarily refers to an unmarried man. It is a process that involves the gradual development of character, morals, and commendable attitudes. It is a non-static position, that is, a constantly changing one, usually, changing for better.

In this maiden post on The Christian Bachelor and in subsequent ones too, I will give my stance on who an ideal bachelor is.

The Christian Bachelor is

A Christian
As you may be aware, unfortunately though, Christianity is being viewed as a mere religion instead of a lifestyle that it actually is. Many professing Christians live lives that do not resemble that of the Christ they claim to love. A Christian is one who has confessed his sins, has had them forgiven, and has the image of Christ reproduced in him. He, thereafter, continuously strives to be more like his Master–Jesus.

A Gentleman
A gentleman is a man of refined attitude and reputable character. He is a fine breed of men who are polite and nice.

One major difference between a bachelor and a gentleman is that all bachelors may be gentlemen, but not all gentlemen are bachelors; there are married gentlemen.

Gentlemanliness, however, should be an hallmark of all Christian bachelors.

As a matter of fact, and very important too, The Christian Bachelor must be single. Even the dictionary says a bachelor must be one who has never married. My heart aches for unmarried men who sleep around defiling themselves, and still parade themselves bachelors. They have not only renounced bachelorhood with their actions, they have also sinned against God. Premarital sex is a sin and God hates it. A Christian bachelor says NO to premarital sex.

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4 (KJV)

To round off this episode, share with me your perspective on the personality of a Christian bachelor, as well as the general misconceptions you are familiar with.

John Ogunjimi

Twitter: @johnogunjimi



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