I Found Freedom In Being Bound

I Found Freedom In Being Bound

For me to gain my freedom
And be subject to no one,
I had to join a Kingdom
Where all my power was gone.

I had no slightest idea
Of what life in there would be,
But my mind refused to care
As long as I would be free.

Freedom was all I craved for;
I looked for it every way.

Such I had not heretofore,
I now enjoy everyday.

My very will it did cost,
My everything I gave.
Giving all, nothing I lost;
For in all, I saw His love

I had to give up my will,
Learned to obey His command,
With His word my heart I fill,
And He makes me understand.

After searching for so long
At last, true freedom I found
Now my voice can sing new song:
I found freedom in being bound‘.

To Jesus, I yoke my soul,
He is my Master and Friend.
I yield to my Lord’s control
From now till my very end.

John Ogunjimi
October 1, 2014.
Twitter: @JohnOgunjimi
Email: johnkogunjimi@yahoo.com


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