I Should Not Be Dancing Now

I Should Not Be Dancing Now

As I lay in bed to sleep
In the silence of the night
Volume of the wall clock’s beep
Increased as I dimmed the light
Like a melody I know
Tempting me to dance in sleep
Since dancing is not for now
I just lay back and slept deep

Then came the dawning of morn
As I sat up in my bed
I heard cries of a newborn
Forming tunes up in my head
Tempted once again to dance
The sounds I tried to winnow
Then came to my acquaintance
I should not be dancing now

As my feet touched the bare ground
Came the droppings of the rain
All collating in a sound
That stirred me up once again
At last I thought I was free
All my motions to advance
But my legs would not agree
This is not the time to dance

But my heart hummed a carol
My sleeping tongue to awake
My feet lost all its control
As my hips began to shake
If this music came elsewhere
I would loose my shoes and dance
But since dance floor is nowhere
I will close my eyes and dance

John Ogunjimi
October 2, 2014.
Twitter: @JohnOgunjimi
Email: johnkogunjimi@yahoo.com


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