By John Ogunjimi

like other nights
my eyes are closed
the lights are off
but I can’t sleep

I am thinking
I’m thinking deep
deep and strange thoughts
strange but good thoughts
my mind is filled
with some good thoughts

thoughts of someone
so far away
thoughts on something
I wish to say
thoughts that are cool
cool and sweet thoughts
these are great thoughts
and lovely too
these peaceful thoughts
that flood my mind
have fill my head

I do not know
what to do now
it’s getting late
but I’m awake
I wish to sleep
but I cannot
these same old thoughts
these lovely thoughts
that fill my head
have taken my sleep

but tonight
unlike those nights
I ditch my thoughts
and choose to sleep
then tomorrow
when I awake
I’ll pick them up
and start again
so for tonight
this very night
I’m going to sleep.

© John Ogunjimi
October 3, 2014.
Twitter: @JohnOgunjimi


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