Happy New Year!

This Year 2015…

Before I go too far into my writing, let me seize this opportunity to officially congratulate everyone who made it to the new year. I wish us all a year of pleasant surprises and boundless accomplishments.

That said, it is imperative to draw our attention to this important issue about The New Year.

How do you see the new year? Is it to you just a change on the calendar page? Does it just represent a season of celebrations and merriment? Do you only see it as another time of changing the date? What does the new year mean to you?

It’s not surprising that many will make resolutions today. I’m not against it. As a matter of fact, I prefer the person who made resolutions but could not live by it all to the one who makes no resolution and does not change anything. Make resolutions is you have to, then set goals too.

However, we need to understand that resolutions need self-discipline to be made good. Our natural self opposes change. We need to put extra effort into whatever we wish to start or stop doing in the new year. Whatever it is, you are going to need a whole lot of help from God too.

If I were to challenge you or even myself to do something this year, it would be a challenge to live a better life. Determine to be a better person than you were last year. It is possible if you try.

So, from me to you, again I say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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