A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

By John Ogunjimi​

Believe me, sincerely, I had no intention of publishing anything on relationships this week. I have an entirely different topic in mind, that is, ‘Question Times’. As a matter of fact, I got the inspiration to write this during yesterday’s Sunday Service.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to fellowship among many beautiful and loving sisters. Sometimes, you can only wish that they were more than just friends or sisters in the fellowship. These sisters I’m talking about (I will not mention any name), they can take care of someone, ehn? In fact, they are like the ‘school mothers’ we wished we had back in high school. They are so caring, loving, and wonderful, saved and sanctified too. 😛 

Even if you are like me, and you have no biological female sibling, you will not feel the absence of a sister much. They are everything that your younger and/or elder sister(s) could have been to you. They will ask after your well being, send you text messages, call you, ping you, counsel you, encourage you, empathize and sympathize with you. Oh! These my wonderful sisters, I miss them so much. ❤

Yesterday at church, we talked about relationships and marriage. In one of the examples, the pastor here was sharing his personal experience of how God led him in marriage. He shared how he had special likeness for a particular sister that fitted his self-made design, though he was still open to God’s leading. Eventually, when he was almost getting confused in choosing between his will (Sister A) and the other sister God was leading him to, he heard God say, “This one (Sister A) is just a Loving Sister, the other one (Sister B), is your peaceful wife!” 🙂

At that point, I fetched my pen and wrote in my diary: A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife? Then I began to analyze and categorize all the Loving Sisters in my life… :X

If only, as a brother, you can discern between a Loving Sister and Peaceful Wife, you will save yourself from many unnecessary heartbreaks. Some of those sisters who just innocently share their sisterly love among the brethren will be exonerated from charges of playing games with brothers’ emotions. The earlier a brother can analyze and properly categorize the sisters he relates with, the sooner he begins his proper search, the shorter the time he spends searching, the safer his emotions, and the smoother his search.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot find your Peaceful Wife among those Loving Sisters; as a matter of fact, it is very likely that you will find her among them. If and when you eventually do, don’t reject her or start binding and losing; receive her with thanksgiving. 🙂

Most people assume that only the female folk have tender feelings and fragile hearts. But, are men’s hearts steel-made? Is a man configured with a dead conscience? Has any research shown men’s emotions are under their feet? Why then should we place ourselves in a position that can hurt our feelings? Brothers, please and please, guard your hearts with all diligence. Don’t allow one Loving Sister somewhere to damage your fragile heart before your Peaceful Wife comes.

To the sisters, I say (not the Lord), until a brother DIRECTLY asks you to be his wife and you hear the Lord releasing you to go ahead, it is better you assume that you are just his Loving Sister, and later become his Peaceful Wife, than to think that you are his Peaceful Wife to be, and later discover that he sees you as just a Loving Sister.

Enough said! Once again, I say a BIG thank you to all my Loving Sisters. I miss your tender care. ❤

Oh! Today is Monday.

*shuts down and hurries up for work*

Have a nice day.

To read it as published on Facebook on 16th February 2015, click here.



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