Imperfect Authentic Cadence

Imperfect Authentic Cadence

In case you do not know what the title means, don’t bother, I would rather not bore you with what means it too; so, let it be. However, if you are so inquisitive that you just must know, you can Google-search that after reading this post. Not now! I said AFTER!

Straight to business. The two important words we are considering are ‘imperfect‘ (from the word ‘perfect’) and ‘authentic‘. I’m not an authority in grammar and I am no linguist either, but I do know ‘perfect‘ and ‘authentic‘ are not synonyms. As wrong as I may be, the combination of ‘imperfect’ and ‘authentic’ still sounds paradoxical to me.

I’m taking it for granted that you know what the two words independently mean. Of course, you do! Their combination has set me thinking. Can something be imperfect and yet authentic? Scratch that! Here’s what I meant to ask: Can SOMEONE be imperfect and yet authentic?

The nature of perfection is far from the human race. Even the most organized among us still make mistakes. Now listen, I write not with respect to Christian perfection; the Bible says so much about that. But in human terms, we are not close to perfection. Unfortunately, majority hold a distorted concept of it.

Here’s what I mean.

The body isn’t perfect, neither is the soul. We still get tired after a hectic day’s work, worn-out after working out in the gym, fall sick due to unpleasant circumstances, and even get scared in strange and unfamiliar environments. We unintentionally forget the anniversaries of our loved ones, go late to appointments, miss deadlines after working tirelessly, and we get emotional once in a while. All these prove our imperfection.

But, I’m wondering, does that mean we are not authentic? That we are fake? We are counterfeit? Imitative? I strongly disagree!

Temperament experts classify Melancholics as perfectionists, ironically, (or whatever term fits this) it is the same Mels who bear the greater guilt of imperfection.

Listen, my dear, once in a while, you may spill a jug of juice, break glassware, burn food, miss target, fail an exam, act stupid, lose money, assume wrongly, enter a wrong relationship, experience a heartbreak, miss road, talk unadvisedly, stumble, fall, misfire, wake up late, judge hastily, comment rashly, miscalculate, and bla bla bla, but that isn’t enough to question the authenticity of your being or change the fact that you are authentic. Believe me sincerely, only angels and other heavenly beings are exempted from these things.

However, instead of swimming in the pool of your human frailties and relishing the weakness of your genetic composition, get up, shake off the dust and grow up. People who make it in life are not those who excuse their failure on their natural weaknesses; they are people who are constantly dissatisfied with the status quo and are consistently improving on themselves till they are able to gain control of their inner being, dictate what it does, and enforce self-discipline when necessary.

In their quest for excellence, if (and when) goal-oriented people fall, they learn from the fall. They don’t sit there crying over spilled milk, languishing in self-pity and getting drunk with tears. Instead, they pick-up the wreckage, and move on in life. They have come to understand that, even though they are imperfect, they are still authentic creatures of God in the uniqueness of humanity. They also understand that they are here to fulfill a purpose.

Today, John Ogunjimi says to you: YOU ARE AUTHENTIC! You should personalize that and repeat it to yourself several times till it sinks deep into your skull. And by this, dear reader, be encouraged!

For those who will stop at nothing till they find out what Imperfect Authentic Cadence means, it is defined as a cadence that is slightly weaker than a Perfect Authentic Cadence. Do you understand? Of course not! What was I thinking?

You may want to share this post with someone who needs encouragement. Or, what do you think? Then, we are on the same page.

Have a hopeful day.


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