Never Forget This When You Feel Forgotten

Alone. Photo Credit: Huffington Post,

Never Forget This When You Feel Forgotten

By John Ogunjimi

Alone. Photo Credit: Huffington Post,

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Some months ago, I relocated to another state. Within these past months, I have learnt to appreciate relationships more than ever before. I have found the saying true that, “Out of sight is out of mind“; these same times have proved that when you truly love someone, no matter how far (in miles) they are from you, they are just a phone call away. This has made me cherish, more than ever before, those who call just to check on me and see how I’m doing.

There is an adage around here that is marginally relevant to this discourse: “Twenty children cannot play together for twenty years.” That is very correct. Flashback to your elementary class. You remember about 20 acquaintances you had, let’s say there were 10 in your class and the other ten in other classes. Do you remember the last time the 20 of you did something or met somewhere, together? When was the last time you saw 10 of them together? There you have your answer! I like to think that most of those people are still alive and well, but somehow, they just don’t remember you again. Maybe I’m right; maybe I’m wrong. Flash-forward to 20 years from now: Do you sincerely think that 20 of you who know one another so well now will still be together in 20 years’ time? I think not!

Beyond friendship, let’s talk about families. Can family members forget one another? Can siblings lose memory of one of them who is far away that they would not even remember to call for a month, or two, or even three? Depending on the type of closeness that exists among family members, this is a possible situation.

There’s a close reference to that in Scriptures:

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” (Isaiah 49:15)

The following are worthy of note:

1. “Can a woman forget…?”
This introduction seeks to appeal to the naturally affectionate and tender nature of the female folk. The call to duty, stress of work and daily labours may so drain a man that he forgets many things–from wedding anniversaries, to spouse’s birthday, the paying the bills and even meeting his child’s needs. But a woman, who is naturally gifted in remembering things, events, dates, people… can she forget?

2. “Can a woman forget her sucking child…?”
As if the affection of a woman is not enough to appeal to in proving a point, the question goes further and in particular about a nursing mother. Not a mother with just a child this time, but one who still feeds from his mother’s supplies. She is constantly reminded of his presence by his occasional bites on her teats, yet the question is, “Can she forget him?”

3. “Can a woman forget … the son of her womb?”
A mother who adopted a baby may find occasion to forget the child in unpalatable times; but for a woman who carried the child in her womb for about 9 months, it appears almost impossible. The memories of the gestation period, the horrors of the labour room, the pain of delivery, the sleepless nights, the stress and the worries all serve as constant reminders of a child and make it appear as if she can never forget him; no, not while he is still sucking.

But God says, “yea, they may forget.” If God says it is possible for a mother to forget her sucking child, then you know it is possible. Although, it may not be deliberate, but sometimes through the cares of business life, inadvertency, weakness of the flesh, or mere cruelty, it is possible for her to forget.

The thought of being forgotten is more painful when it is caused by those we least expect it from. Friends, neighbours, brethren in the fellowship, siblings, and even family members may forget us. In some cases, we are left to travel through the lonely valleys with no one to share our burdens and no shoulders to cry on. We look in all directions for at least someone to listen to us, and we find none. There’s just one thing I have learnt to remember when I start feeling forgotten.

Remember. Image source:

“At such a moment, when we feel forgotten and abandoned by most (or, all), God has a reassuring word of comfort: “I will not forget you.” This, for me, is all I need to remember.” – John Ogunjimi

This is all I need to remember when people I care for (and think they care for me too) no longer text or call—when I daily wait in vain beside the phone for someone to return my calls and listen to me: God said He will not forget me.

This is all I need to remember when my family members think I am now self-sufficient and able to fend for myself, and no friend seems to care how I make it: God said He will not forget me.

This is all I need to remember when some of my church leaders think I have attained spiritual maturity and no longer need to be called, followed-up, visited, or prayed for: God said He will not forget me.

This is all I need to remember when I feel like I’m left to walk the “shadows of death” alone; when I feel like nobody cares for me; when there is no one left to call my friend; when I can’t remember anything else: God said He will not forget me.

This is my consolation and reassurance each time I become overwhelmed by thoughts of being forsaken or forgotten: I am in God’s thoughts and He will never forsake me.

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” (Isaiah 49:15)

God remembers me—always! I will not forget that, and I hope you never forget that too.



  1. Like seriously, I HARDLY like hardly read long post without videos or enough images…. although rendering some files, which gave me sometime to read through .. GOOD POST!!!..I ♥ it .

    LONELINESS, some people are lonely without noticing it, some are not lonely but they feel they are, some are lonely and they know they are lonely. Which ever way, one is still lonely all the same.

    Feeling “FORGOTTEN” at times could cause some kind of mental illness, feeling touchy and dangerous when no one notices it.

    Even though its a give and take world, most times those who feel forgotten have one point in time; indeliberate or otherwise forgotten others.

    We could help people around by showing that little kindness. The Bible, the last time I checked, a widow fed Elijah (I Kings 17:7-16). That your little smile, soft “Good Morning”, take this “PENCIL” i bought two, one for me and one for hmmm probably you. We tend to ease out the tension off people’s mind.

    Now, feeling forgotten or feeling lonely could be devastating, disastrous and painful when its forced or intentional. Depression may set in at this point, looking touchy, elements of hatred and anger might show up

    At this point is where most people around gets it wrong. they tend to sideline, overlook, assumptions and even walk away from someone exhibiting this behaviour. These “very quick to advice” set of people gets it wrong too by wanting to grant help without knowing the persons temperance, background, character etc. then muddling everything up. I have seen this plan work severally, leaving the person to go through the moody deep thoughts, then you come in and say make the person understand you have been watching from close range and give examples of some moments you granted a helping handle by this you have shown that mind that someone cares.

    I do say this when related topics are raised “DO NOT MISTAKEN DEPRESSION FOR WEAKNESS” and “NOT LETTING GO FOR STUBBORNNESS”. Been Africans, that is what we do causing people with such illness to live with it and not opening up, afraid of been sidelined, overlook or embarrassed.

    Now for you that is feeling lonely are been forgotten, the writer of this post has said it all, “At such a moment, when we feel forgotten and abandoned by most (or, all), God has a reassuring word of comfort: “I will not forget you.” This, for me, is all I need to remember.” – John Ogunjimi. That quote will just do. If you can use the sow and reap principle. Take it upon yourself to show some love, kindness and care to others. Help others out of their distress in your capacity. Doing this will keep your mind busy giving less time to think about your own lonely or been forgotten matters.

    Another (common but small working chances) antidote for feelings like this is doing what makes you happy.

    Live , L♥ve, Live Again

    I have to go check my rendering files…

    Best of God, Much ♥

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