On Uncompleted and Abandoned Projects

On Uncompleted and Abandoned Projects


Isn’t it too late to wish you a happy new year? I mean, the first month of the year is halved already! But, no, it isn’t. So, Happy New Year, again.

I know you’ve probably made plans for this year already. All those New Year goals, plans, and projects. Well, what you are about to read may cause you to temporarily ditch those things you intend to embark on this year. Are you ready to do that?

Here we go. I’ll make it simple and straightforward. Before you begin the execution of your New Year Projects, you need to do a quick re-visitation of the past year(s) goals. How many did you set for yourself last year? How many did you attempt? How many did you achieve?

If you achieved all, you aimed too low and that is not a pass mark. Aim higher this year. You may stop reading here if you wish. If you didn’t achieve all, that doesn’t automatically translate to success. It could be that you attempted some, and achieved them. It could also mean you attempted all, but achieved few. It could mean you attempted none, and so, achieved none. If you belong to any of these three classes, this post is for you.

The first thing to do is to get rid of whatever ‘new goal’ you have set for yourself this year. Just keep it somewhere safe for now. You’ll need it later. Then, go back and revisit your goals for the past year, or the year(s) before the last. Outline them carefully and make them your goals for this year. Begin with the projects you started but didn’t complete.

You need to achieve a goal before setting a new one.

You need to achieve a goal before setting a new one.

Finish up those books you read in parts before picking new ones. Complete that story you’re writing before starting another series. Write the remaining chapters of that book and send to your publisher. Add a refrain to that song, put the alto, tenor and bass parts; score the piano accompaniment you’ve always wanted to add. You’ve written a business plan already, start the business; stop waiting for a big capital, begin with the little you have. That research work you started, don’t pack it up because you missed the deadline; complete it.

How about that musical instrument you were learning, have far did you go? Finish up your lessons and become a pro before thinking of learning to play another one. That vocational training you had for a few weeks, have you considered mastering the skill? Did you start reading the Bible last year with the goal of finishing it, but you couldn’t? Instead of starting over from Genesis this year, why not continue from the book and chapter you stopped last year? Then, read on. Maybe you’ll finish in April, or June, or even September or December. That’s better than starting over and not finishing by December, again!

Send that email. Call that person. Go win that soul for the Lord. Submit that letter. Make that proposal. Voice your thoughts. Give actions to your ideas. For goodness sake, take that leap!

As you begin with the previously uncompleted projects, move steadily to the ones you haven’t touched at all and begin their execution too.


The point is clear: instead of starting new projects that you may not finish again this year, collate all your abandoned projects and complete them. If you’re able to so before the year ends, you can then start new projects—the ones you had in mind for the New Year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have FINISHED PROJECTS in place of more ABANDONED PROJECTS? This may be difficult for some perfectionists who like to assign a new project to a new year, month, or week. Override your nature this time. Do the necessary.

On a final note, this may not apply to all new projects like organizational objectives or corporate decisions. Don’t live in the past while others are moving forward. But, for your personal goals and projects, take this year to finish up the uncompleted projects.

We’ll meet at the achievers’ corner to celebrate completed projects.


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