4 Things on Christian Writers Who Write Love Stories

4 Things on Christian Writers Who Write Love Stories
This is one of those subjects we just have to talk about. Someone has to say it. So, I’m saying it the way I see it.
Love story

Love Story Image Source: cnn.com

Some people will challenge you for writing love stories. Why not write about salvation, eternity, heaven, holiness, evangelism… Why love?
First question: is love a sin? So, why the fuss? This is love we are talking about, not any other thing!
“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” (1 Corinthians 13:13 , KJV) 
I think I know where the problem is. Some people don’t know the difference between a love story and an erotic story. They mix the two together. Unfortunately so. I agree that some writers may mix them together, but a few should not be used to judge the rest.
I believe there is a reason why Songs of Solomon is in the Bible.
Songs of Solomon Image Source: harvestfountainhills.org

Songs of Solomon
Image Source: harvestfountainhills.org

Some people will crucify you because your story does not follow a particular procedure. As a Christian writer, your primary audience are Christians; not a denomination.
If you are writing in a denominational magazine, common, you should follow that denomination’s marriage procedure. You are writing something that those members can emulate and practice. But, if you are writing for Christians in general, any principle that is not sinful and contradictory to Scriptures is acceptable.
Church Rules and Regulations Image Source: christian-baptist.nl

Church Rules and Regulations
Image Source: christian-baptist.nl

The reader should find out the marriage procedure in his denomination and follow them. It’s as simple as that. There is no one-cap-fits-all procedure for all. And stories are stories, not blueprints for life!
Read Marriage and Church Regulations for more on that.
Some people will tell you those things you write cannot happen in real life. Don’t blame them, they assume that since they haven’t experienced it before, then nobody else has. They are Mr. Experienced-All and Mrs Undergone-All.
Learn from others' mistake

Learn from the mistake of others…
Image Source: verybestquotes.com

Just wait, they’ll soon hear a story somewhere that resembles the one they read from you, then they’ll understand. And, if they’re not so ‘lucky’, they will make a mistake you earlier highlighted in your story and come crying for advice.
Keep your calm when they say you are writing from experience. If your writing is fictional, just tell them to go and learn the meaning of the word F.I.C.T.I.O.N.
What is fiction?

What is fiction?  Image Source: slideshare.net

Fiction is a work of imagination. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the author’s experience.
And, what if it is? Yes? What if it is the author’s experience? What if it is the author’s personal love story? Does that add or subtract to you? If you are so bothered about that, then it means you are looking for something else. You want to know if s/he is still available. You’re caught!


I’m sure Christian writers appreciate that you read their stories, but when you bring these ‘railing accusations‘ against them, before them or behind their backs, you directly or indirectly weaken their hands.

Point made. Thank you.



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