Why I Decided to Stop Writing

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Why I Decided to Stop Writing


You may find this unexpected of me; I apologize in advance if I disappoint you with this decision. I’m sorry. The people who caused this and the circumstances that warranted my decision are what I have attempted to explicate below.

I embraced April with the mind to read. Earlier this year, one of Grace Onyebuolise  blog posts encouraged me to take the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge. I did. I set a very lofty goal of reading 50 books this year. I’ve read only 8 so far. Poor!

Ife-grace Dada churned out stories. I visited her blog and bookmarked it, then went back to read. She was kind to have mailed me a compilation of short stories and poems which I read and studied.

Books aside. I read short stories. I visited Facebook wall posts of friends. I added Soogun Omoniyi. I read stories upon stories. Fiction. Beautiful fiction. I went way back into his timeline. I soaked myself in. Laughed out loud, at times. Listened to my own heart race because of suspense. Smiled.

Lizzy Oyekunle started another wonderful series of fiction-like-real-life stories on her blog. I like how the notifications come in just before bedtime. Good bedtime stories. Good ones. I find myself reading till past midnight. 2am. 3am.

There are other blogs I discovered with a number of flash fictions. I infested them like a starved reader and read myself away. My Facebook friends who are writers (I’m blessed with a number of them) have faithfully littered my newsfeed with amazing stories. Heaven bless them.

After drowning myself in all these great stories, I came to this conclusion: reading is fun! You don’t want to argue that. It’s way easier than writing, though equally addictive.

Greatly overwhelmed by the way the writers dazzled me with their pun, plots, and the creation of remarkable characters, it led to my decision to stop writing and read more. Simple reason!

The irony, however, is that I couldn’t find a better way to tell you (them) this than by writing. I guess that means I failed in that. In fact, contrary to what I thought, I’m discovering daily that I cannot not write. Maybe it’s a good thing. I really hope it is.

So, on second thought, I said, why not the two: Read and write. Christian fiction. Humour. Love story. Rants. Epistles. Articles… How about that?

In the light of this new decision, you can cross out the previous title, Why I Decided to Stop Writing, and replace it with this: May Flowers.

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. It’s so for me.

Many thanks to those who caused it.

Welcome to the month of May.



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