My Boring Boss

My Boring Boss

In my understanding, meetings are organizational institutions designed to waste the ‘already-not-enough’ time of stakeholders. You know what I mean? That time of the week when we get to sit around a polished desk, with files of finished or unfinished reports, proposals, graphs, budgets…

My dislike for meetings has led to my dislike for my boss making me to complain—mostly behind his back—about his inability to carry his team members along during meetings, his humourless jokes, strictness with deadlines, endless assignments, sharp rebukes, threats of query, even to his untrimmed beards.

Consequently, I acquired some meetings pastimes, my favourite of all being chatting. Though, by virtue of my position as the Assistant Director, I was under obligation to attend most meetings, but I usually contributed very little or nothing at all. Instead, I’d go online to chat with my friends, some of whom were also at the same meeting, of how boring the meeting was.

Last week, the meeting had bothered on the development of new marketing strategies to neutralize the effect of our major competition—Drapes Group of Companies. I remember once serving as the Financial Adviser for the Managing Director at DGC before I joined my present company. I knew what could be done to get my company back to the top, but because I had formed the attitude of complaining about meetings but never contributing in them, I had refused to give my suggestion.

Tomorrow, the Director has delegated me to chair this week’s meeting in his absence. I’ll have to sit in his chair and do what I’ve always whined he couldn’t do well. I know I’m not the only one who thinks meetings suck, but what makes me nervous is that the people I usually chat with during past meetings would be there too.


These days, it is common for many young people to complain about boring church services, uncharismatic-enough preachers, rigid programme schedules, and even unattractive church buildings. Unfortunately, instead of going on their knees to pray for a revival, getting their hands on deck to join in the work, and being an agent of change and transformation themselves, they adopt the Israeli trademark of murmuring.

It’s high time we stopped this ungodly attitude and started doing something meaningful for the Lord. We can choose to sit and complain till Jesus comes, or we can decide to be the change we want to see.


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