The Death of the Righteous

The Death of the Righteous

When Mary died last month, the news of her death came to me as rude shock; rude, because we graduated together and I couldn’t help asking aloud, ‘How old could she be?’

I was her pastor back then, and she’s one of those who still saw me as their pastor after school. We didn’t communicate very often but once in a while, she did call.

Shortly after the incident, I was discussing with her partner and I asked him what actually happened. He said he wasn’t there when it happened, but he narrated what he was told.

She had complained of headache and neck pain on a Monday morning. That same day, she was taken to the hospital, treated, and discharged in the evening.

She felt better till Tuesday evening when she began to perceive the symptoms again. She was rushed back to the hospital as the pain became worse. By Wednesday morning, it got worse still. The agony grew too.

Then suddenly, her countenance changed. The pastors and family members that surrounded her hospital bed saw it. She began to sing and rejoice.

“Can you see what I’m seeing?” She asked. “Can you?”

They saw nothing.

“I see angels,” she continued. “I see angels; two of them! They are coming for me.”

Then she started singing and rejoicing. And then she started speaking in tongues.

(I see now why Apostle Paul called it the ‘tongue of angels’).

The atmosphere changed. She was no longer in pains. She was happy. She was excited. Singing aloud, speaking in tongues.

Then, silence.

She was gone. No sickness. No pain. No temptations. No sin. Home at last.

She had angelic escort at her death, gliding through the air with beings celestial. Immortal in the ‘heavenlies,’ awaiting the resurrection of the body and the rapture of those who will be ‘alive and remain’ at the coming of the Lord.

No doubt, I was comforted by the news. There was no need to be sad in the first place. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). It was the death of a righteous person.

This verse of scripture comes to mind right now:

“Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his!” Numbers 23:10 KJV

To die the death of the righteous, we must LIVE the life of the righteous.

May God help us all.


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