[Inspiration] When You Follow Someone…

When You Follow Someone…

By John Ogunjimi

Of all the books I read last year, 5 were books by A.W. Tozer. One common thing I found written about the author was that he was a “self-taught theologian.”

That is something too significant to overlook, particularly in this our generation where people idolize their denominations, the founders, and the traditions of those denominations.

“Self-taught” is relative. Aside reading Tozer’s books, I listen to his sermons too. There is a fire that kindles in me when I do. I get the same effect from books and sermons of Leonard Ravenhill. When you listen to Tozer preach, you’d hear him reference great authors and preachers. That would put a question mark on him being self-taught, wouldn’t it?  Continue reading


[Inspiration] When You Decide to Run

When You Decide to Run…

By John Ogunjimi

Some years ago, during my one-year compulsory national service, I wanted to lose some weight so I decided to start early morning jogs. I shared the idea with my roommates but none of them showed any interest. After days of waiting for them without receiving any positive response, I decided to start the race on my own.

After my first run, Vivian, one of our lodge mates, asked to join me. She said she had been wanting to jog for some time, but she needed a running mate. I agreed, and we became partners.

After my quiet time in the morning, I would lie in the bed and wait for Vivian to knock and say, “Hey, John. Are you ready?” Then I would slip into my tennis and we would start running. Continue reading

My Boring Boss

My Boring Boss

In my understanding, meetings are organizational institutions designed to waste the ‘already-not-enough’ time of stakeholders. You know what I mean? That time of the week when we get to sit around a polished desk, with files of finished or unfinished reports, proposals, graphs, budgets… Continue reading

4 Things on Christian Writers Who Write Love Stories

4 Things on Christian Writers Who Write Love Stories
This is one of those subjects we just have to talk about. Someone has to say it. So, I’m saying it the way I see it.
Love story

Love Story Image Source: cnn.com

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A Friend in Need (30)

A Friend in Need (30)

As Tayo’s Best Man, I was responsible for organizing the wedding reception. All hands had been on deck for the planning. Mrs Okafor had been very supportive, both morally and financially. Debby helped with the decorations of both the church and the hall to be used for the reception. Once or twice it had crossed my mind and I’d wondered if it would have been proper for Tolani to attend Tayo’s wedding if her studies had not taken her out of the country.

As I sat there in the church, I engaged my mind with thoughts of all that was to happen afterwards. I’d given certain instructions to the manager of the event centre we were to use. I silently prayed that all things would go as planned.

“Now, we proceed to the ceremony.” The voice of the officiating minister jolted me back to consciousness. Continue reading