Marriage and Church Regulations

RegulationsMarriage and Church Regulations

By John Ogunjimi

I am well informed that my Christian friends on this platform are from different denominations, so my post today is essentially non-denominational—or interdenominational, if you like.

The various Christian assemblies (also known as churches) we have today are established by God to prepare people for heaven. The moment that ultimate purpose is missing, every other thing becomes mere formality. Every laid down rule and regulation must be to help prepare the members of that denomination for the Second Coming of Christ.

Let’s talk about the regulations. Continue reading


A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

By John Ogunjimi​

Believe me, sincerely, I had no intention of publishing anything on relationships this week. I have an entirely different topic in mind, that is, ‘Question Times’. As a matter of fact, I got the inspiration to write this during yesterday’s Sunday Service.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to fellowship among many beautiful and loving sisters. Sometimes, you can only wish that they were more than just friends or sisters in the fellowship. These sisters I’m talking about (I will not mention any name), they can take care of someone, ehn? In fact, they are like the ‘school mothers’ we wished we had back in high school. They are so caring, loving, and wonderful, saved and sanctified too. 😛  Continue reading