[Passion] I Can’t Marry a Popular Girl

I Can’t Marry a Popular Girl! 

By John Ogunjimi 

You see, marriage is a serious matter. No matter how hard some try to trivialize the subject, or understate the concept, marriage will always be a serious matter. 

Making a choice of marriage partner then becomes something that must be fundamentally gotten right if the marriage will make any sense. 

How does a person decide who to marry? Is it right to have preferences? Height? Complexion? Discipline? Age? Temperament? Does having any of these preferences automatically translate to having an idol in the heart? I think not. 

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Don't Let That Crush Crush You

Review: Don’t Let That Crush Crush You


In this book, the author makes bold to paddle into waters where most parents dread to sail—probably because of their ill-informed perspective of contemporary intersexual relationships—and consequently choose to react with a deafening silence. Also, she touches on a subject that most religious leaders, either because of sheer ignorance or out of condemnable Pharisaic hypocrisy, outlaw and criminalize, being (deliberately) ignorant of it as “a natural feeling and attraction” that is “God’s way of preparing you for the future…”

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A Birthday to Remember

Happy Birthday
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A Birthday to Remember


It’s the eve of your birthday. You’d spent the afternoon with Joy at an eatery three blocks from your apartment. You’d just returned home and was undressing when you hear the doorbell ring. “Who’s that?” You ask. You listen for a reply but the silence that follows freezes your limbs, suspending the sleek gown mid-air, as a wave of cold chills ripple down your spine.

An uncanny sense of surprise hovers in the room while you muster enough courage to finish changing your dress. Early birthday surprises, you’re thinking when another ring of the bell interrupts your thoughts. “Who … is at the door?” You ask again, this time more patiently.

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A Friend in Need (5)

A Friend in Need (5)

The first month Tayo got to the company where he had his internship, he met Tolani. They worked in the same unit for the first 2 months after which they were transferred to different units to work for another 2 months, before they finally worked together again for the last 2 months. She was a stunning combination of beauty and intelligence, which contributed to things that attracted her to Tayo.

Within the first two months, they became close—very close. They were under the same supervisor who usually paired them up when giving them responsibilities to attend to. They connected on all levels, especially on the intellectual level. They spent most of their lunch breaks discussing their favourite topic—quantum physics. Continue reading