A Friend in Need (5)

A Friend in Need (5)

The first month Tayo got to the company where he had his internship, he met Tolani. They worked in the same unit for the first 2 months after which they were transferred to different units to work for another 2 months, before they finally worked together again for the last 2 months. She was a stunning combination of beauty and intelligence, which contributed to things that attracted her to Tayo.

Within the first two months, they became close—very close. They were under the same supervisor who usually paired them up when giving them responsibilities to attend to. They connected on all levels, especially on the intellectual level. They spent most of their lunch breaks discussing their favourite topic—quantum physics. Continue reading


A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

A Loving Sister or a Peaceful Wife?

By John Ogunjimi​

Believe me, sincerely, I had no intention of publishing anything on relationships this week. I have an entirely different topic in mind, that is, ‘Question Times’. As a matter of fact, I got the inspiration to write this during yesterday’s Sunday Service.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to fellowship among many beautiful and loving sisters. Sometimes, you can only wish that they were more than just friends or sisters in the fellowship. These sisters I’m talking about (I will not mention any name), they can take care of someone, ehn? In fact, they are like the ‘school mothers’ we wished we had back in high school. They are so caring, loving, and wonderful, saved and sanctified too. 😛  Continue reading