On a Sunday like this, 2nd of April 1995, my father went to be with the Lord. That’s 22 years ago today. They say Christians don’t die, that they only sleep; that is very comforting, I must say. To think of a resurrection morning when those who have died — slept — in Christ will rise with an immortal body and be eternally reunited with their loved ones, oh what a blissful thought! 

I like the way the Gaither Vocal Band captures that thought in the refrain of their song, ‘Knowing You’ll Be There’: 

“Knowing we could spend a lifetime reminiscing on the past, 
Knowing I would see your face again where tender moments last, 
It makes me want to go there, knowing I won’t be alone; 
Knowing you’ll be there makes it easy to go home.” 

Do you ever wonder, like I do, if the saints in heaven see what’s going on on earth? If they do, as the writer of Hebrews 12:1 suggests when he speaks of “a cloud of witnesses,” I like to think that they are watching us, cheering us up to continue the race, and to finish strong like they have done. 

If you’ve ever lost any one to the chilly hands of death, be comforted in the knowledge that there is a resurrection morning. If you are persuaded that they have gone to be with the Lord, weep not for them, for they are in a far better place. Rather, prepare yourself to join that happy throng above, and to be counted worthy to sing with the angels over there. 

We may not understand why some things happen on this side of eternity. We will never be able to explain some of the heartbreaks we experience here. There are answers that time will never tell, that only heaven holds. But we should comfort ourselves with the lyrics of this timeless hymn: 

“When death has come and taken our loved ones, 
Leaving our homes so lonely and drear, 
Then do we wonder why others prosper, 
Living so wicked year after year. 
Father along we’ll know all about it, 
Father along we’ll understand why; 
Cheer up my brother, live in the sunshine, 
We’ll understand it all by and by.” 

One day, it will be your turn to leave this sinful world for the great beyond. Be wise and prepare for that day by having your name in the Book of Life. There is no salvation after death. There is no repentance in the grave. As you lay your bed here in time, so you will lie on it in eternity. If you have not become born again, don’t put off your salvation again until a later time. Heed the entreaty of this songwriter: 

“How many times has the Saviour called before, 
And each time you turn away from His door? 
You said, ‘Not this time, but someday I’ll get in,’ 
Though your little world may crumble before He calls again. 
Before the Saviour calls again, you may cry a million tears. 

Before He calls again, you may waste precious years. 
He’s calling now, the door is open, come inside while you can; 
You may suffer needless heartaches before He calls again.”