Review: Intelligence Model for Holistic Progress

Review: Intelligence Model for Holistic Progress

I know you have read books before now—good books, maybe. I have too. However, never in all my readings have I read a book that well addresses this subject, especially by one of our own authors.

‘Intelligence Model for Holistic Progress’ reminds me of a two-in-one handbook our teachers used back in the days—a guide for the teacher and a book-of-all-answers for the students. In this book, as in his two previously published books, the author addresses both the young people and anyone/everyone who falls into the category of their counsellors, mentors, teachers, parents or guardians. Continue reading


My Boring Boss

My Boring Boss

In my understanding, meetings are organizational institutions designed to waste the ‘already-not-enough’ time of stakeholders. You know what I mean? That time of the week when we get to sit around a polished desk, with files of finished or unfinished reports, proposals, graphs, budgets… Continue reading

A Friend in Need (29)

A Friend in Need (29)

As soon as we finished our final exams and convocation, Tayo applied to Firewall Engineering Company where he had his internship and was employed as a Graduate Trainee. Two months into the job, he was sponsored abroad for a 4-month training.

Mrs Okafor, after her maternity leave, resumed back to work with a promotion letter. She became the new Director of the Youth Counselling Centre after Dr Andrews retired. Though most of her duties were administrative yet she continued to influence and transform lives of young people around her. She took personal interest in cases of young people suffering from depression and various types of addiction.

Life literally flung us in different directions. Tolani didn’t allow being a single mother to hinder her from furthering her studies. She applied for and won a scholarship to run her Masters’ Degree overseas. When the challenge of caring for Ben came up, Maria, on hearing the news through Tayo, offered to take care of Benjamin in Tolani’s absence. Continue reading

A Friend in Need (11)

A Friend in Need (11)

For some seconds, I stared at Tolani. She was a beauty to behold. She had this innocent face of a teenager but she seemed matured at heart. To be honest, I felt a little restrained considering the highly esteemed manner with which Tayo referred to her in his writings. I was expecting him to start a conversation, he was expecting me to do the same, while Tolani sat there watching both of us.

Tayo, will you say something?’ I said telepathically.

I thought you came here to assist.’ He appeared to be implying.

Of course, I came to assist, not to take over your responsibility.

Can’t you just do this for me? I don’t know what to say.

For the love of God, just say something!Continue reading

A Friend in Need (10)

A Friend in Need (10)

Mrs Okafo, as we later learned, was the woman we had been speaking with. She was the wife of the youth pastor in the church where Tolani served as a youth leader. She also doubled as a counsellor at a psychiatric hospital in town. Needless to say, she was a loving, caring, and an awesome woman.

Despite the characteristic delinquency and frivolity of most juveniles even in church, she always found a way of transforming them into responsible young men and women, useful to God and their community. Tolani enjoyed working with her; in fact, theirs was more like a mentor-protégé relationship. So, when Tolani came to her own hour of emotional crisis, she knew just where to go. Continue reading